Prime Minister Nawaz to take action against MQM chief’s anti-Pakistan statement

ISLAMABAD: Taking notice of the situation in Karachi that came after Altaf Hussain’s speech, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said MQM chief would be held for accountability of his recent statement in which he strongly condemns the nation and mobilizes his party workers, creating a situation of havoc and anarchy.
“Pakistan is our sweet home and we know how to protect its sacricity. We can not hear any word against Pakistan nor we can forgive the one who speaks against Pakistan,” said the prime minister in a statement.
“The anti-Pakistan statements in Karachi city have hurt the heart and feelings of mine as well as every common Pakistani,” he said.
Prime Minister said that he would not let anyone damage country’s security and honour. “We have risen from this soil and we shall have to go in it and besides the protection of its frontiers we are bound to safeguard its honour and dignity” he added.


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