Child abducted from Lahore is recovered by Islamabad police

Islamabad: Islamabad police have recovered 11 years old child abducted from Lahore, police said.
According to details, 11-year old Umair was kidnapped by some unidentified persons from ‘Laxman Singh Fort’ area of Lahore and was brought to Islamabad.
The child managed to flee when alleged kidnappers stopped to take meal.
Industrial area police spotted the child near Faizabad and informed his parents back in Lahore.
Meanwhile, Kohsar police arrested a person identified as Marwan Butt who was impersonating himself as an officer of armed forces.
Police also recovered army uniform from his bag and further investigation is underway from him.
A 13-year-old school going boy, who went missing from Dhoke Noor, in precinct of Police Station (PS) Saddar Bairooni has been recovered from Lalamusa, police informed.
According to Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Munir Ahmed, who is investigating the child missing case, Ali Hassan, a class 8th student, quarrelled with father on some issue and run away from the house while going to school last Thursday.


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