Qandeel Baloch’s two more brothers are declared wanted by police

According to details, Multan police filed a request at the court to include the names of two more Qandeel’s brothers Aslam and Arif Shaheen as wanted in her murder case. Police stated that during interrogation of Muhammad Waseem, the primary suspect in the murder case and also brother of Qandeel Baloch, it had become apparent that the other two brothers were also suspects in the case.

Police disclosed that both brothers had been asked to be part of the murder investigation but they had not reported to the authorities. After hearing the point of view of the police, the Judicial Magistrate declared both Arif and Aslam Shaheen wanted in the Qandeel Baloch murder case. Aslam Shaheen is a government employee while Arif Shaheen is currently living in Saudi Arabia.

Qandeel Baloch was a controversial model and social media personality who was allegedly murdered by her brother Muhammad Waseem in July. Her brother Waseem had confessed to killing his sister for honour, mainly due to her provocative Facebook posts.

A couple of days before her murder, pictures and a video of Qandeel Baloch with Mufti Abdul Qavi emerged on social media, in which the two can be seen together at a hotel.


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