Warning! Dangerous visceral fat builds up if you don’t exercise

If you lead a sedentary life you risk building up large amounts of visceral fat in your body. Visceral fat surrounds your vital organs, the fat is located in the abdominal cavity (stomach area).
According to researchers from Duke University Medical Center, exercise can significantly reduce the amount of visceral fat you carry around. The more exercise you do, the more of this type of dangerous fat you will lose. Researchers in this study said that extra exercise can reverse the amount you have, while some moderate exercise can stop your visceral fat mounting up.
If, on the other hand, you remain inactive, more likely than not you will pile on the weight at a rate of four pounds per year, say researchers.
The more visceral fat you carry around the higher your chances of developing insulin resistance (leading to type two diabetes), heart disease and other metabolic syndromes.
Visceral fat is not the fat that lies just under your skin, that type is called subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is deep inside.


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