The Pakistani food event organized in Pakistan to introduce in Qatar

Karachi: Pakistan displayed mango new varieties to eating Embassy of Qatar to introduce Qatar’s Trade Development Authority of Pakistan cooperation which was holding an event, the high officials of the Chamber of Commerce of Qatar, the delegation also attended the summit chairman Mohammad Arshad other diplomats and local businessmen were also present at the Council.

According to media reports, the event aims to bring the people of Qatar to taste different varieties of Pakistani rice and mangoes made of meat. Ambassador Shahzad Ahmed said that we had set numerous stalls to introduce the various Indian traditional dishes from meat and rice imported from Pakistan, was first laid out stall for mangoes, those visitors to their products on stations they’ll bring the reaction to them.

Vice chairman Mohammad Ahmad bin Tawar alkuary said on the occasion, we will welcome quality products from Pakistan, our doors are always open for Pakistani businessmen, companies and businesses, Qatar event and promote the relationship between Pakistan, Pakistani tradition, and food will be promoted as well. Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, importers and Merchants Association Vice Chairman Saeed Khan said that Han could export fruits and vegetables to 15 years in diameter, have seized 4 tons 3 tons of vegetables and fruits.


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