Now Renew Your Driving License in Pakistan in 90 Minutes


If the thinking of getting your driving license renewed at expiry sends chills down your spine, read on this article. This is a recent real-life account on how to get through the process in 90 minutes (or less). This personal experience is of the North Nazimabad license office and concludes with some after thoughts on how the process can be improved.

Documents required:

  • 1 CNIC original (for entrance)
  • 1 CNIC copy
  • Original driving license
  • 2 photographs with blue background.

Driving License Fee structure (with approximate amounts)

  • Parking fee – optional – Rs. 20/-
  • Instant photo fee – optional – Rs. 100/-
  • Medical form fee – Rs. 100/-
  • License renewal fee – Rs. 1160/-
  • License lamination fee – Rs. 250/-
  • Total: PKR 1,630/-
  • Tip: Keep change with you, it will come in handy!


Counters and Their Expected Times

No trip to the driving license office is complete without its fair share of queues. We take a look at the queues you will have to visit, and the estimated time you may end up spending there.

  1. Information counter and filling up of application form – 15 min
  2. Application form photo booth (optional) – 20 min (Rs. 100/-)
  3. Medical fee submission counter – 5 min Rs. 100/-
  4. Data entry counter – 15 min
  5. Medical assessment counter – 15 min
  6. Stamp counter for renewal fee submission – 5 min (Rs. 1160/-)
  7. Lamination counter to receive photo slip – 5 min (Rs. 250/-)
  8. Driving license photo booth – 5 min
  9. Lamination counter to receive the license – 5 min

Total time: 90 mins


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