Tiger Shroff posted a picture and photoshoppers are having a field day with his picture


Tiger Shroff has become the latest victim of internet memes. Like internet has not tortured the poor actor enough already. But again, one look at the picture and you would know that Tiger totally had it coming. In the original picture we see Tiger showing off his stretching skills with an air kick, with his one leg. While his skills have indeed left us impressed, we cannot help but laugh out loud on internet’s take on the picture. Internet trolls have taken the picture, and poured out their Photoshop skills on it, and the results are pure gold. From putting him in frame with cabaret dancers, to placing him next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, giving it a support – trolls have let their imaginations run wild. We are sure even Tiger must be laughing his ass off over these memes.


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