What Will Happen If Self-Driving Cars Make It to Pakistan


Driving in Pakistan is like a game of real-life dodging cars, especially if you live in some of the big traffic hubs like Karachi, Lahore or Peshawar. It is a skill in itself.

Self-driving cars are coming, sooner or later. Google, Uber, Tesla, everyone is working on it. As Google’s cars rack thousands and thousands of kilometers, getting better and better with every centimeter they cover, Uber has already launched self-driving cars in a few places. However, will they ever come to Pakistan or the rest of the developing countries?

If they do, it will take ages at the very least. With the state of traffic in Pakistan, especially urban creatures like Karachi, is a mess, something that these self-driving cars will have to account for.

Apart from some hilariously funny situations in traffic, the self-driving cars will also bring some relief to the only person in a family that still doesn’t know how to drive. Unlike people, cars don’t groan when summoned to fetch clothes from the tailor, nor do they roll their eyes when called upon to get Rotis for dinner. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say.


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