Wow! LG Announces the Fastest Wireless Charger Ever Built


One of the most-common complaints with wireless chargers is surely the fact that they are several times slower than a conventional charger. And the fact that they are several times more expensive that simply causes people to plug in the free chargers which come with their phones and carry on with them.

But now, LG seems to have solved that issue and could finally able to challenge the hold of its wired counterpart. Amazingly, its latest wireless charger throws out 15 watts of power from its charging pad, thrice more than a normal wireless charger which top out at 5-watts. Its looks otherwise indicate a fairly standard affair, with its circular shape over which the phone is to be placed.

Thanks to this, it can reportedly charge phones up to 50 percent of their capacity within just 30 minutes, depending on the capacity of the phone’s battery. In comparison, Samsung’s fastest solution actually takes up to two hours to top up the battery. The charger will also work with just about any phone which supports Qi wireless charging; the standard used by mostly Samsung, LG and Lumia Smartphone.

Also To avoid a Note 7-like situation, the charger comes up with embedded heat sensors which make sure the temperature doesn’t get high enough to cause damage to anyone. Its maker claims the charger could potentially aid with the battery’s degradation and prevent explosions.

LG is still to announce the pricing and availability details of the charger. Wireless chargers generally command a premium over their previous wired versions, clearly evident with Samsung’s wireless charger coming at $50.

With its advance features, however, the LG charger could be just the breakthrough for which the industry was waiting for and probably worth a premium over the standard chargers.


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