These Photographs of Pakistani Food, Culture and Travel will Leave You Wanting More!


Zorain Iqbal, who is a New York based Pakistani, has combined his love for food, traveling and photography to give birth to something truly enchanting.

At just the age of 28-years, Zorain has been pounded with life changing opportunities; from having cell phone companies chase him to sign a contract with them to local TV drama series casting his character in it.

His claim to fame? Using an iPhone 6S Plus to take awesomely pictures shots from across the world that captures everything about a city and its culture.

Talking exclusively to ProPakistani, Zorain Iqbal said that,

“I always say that food definitely has ability to shape your journey, traveling gives you the exposure and every photo you take makes a history. This is how #ZorainFinds was born. “

In previous interviews with various other media outlets, Zorain disclosed that he has never ever taken a course in photography.

He said that all his pictures are taken from the cell phone, as the originality is lost when taken from a DSLR instead. “I use my cell phone to shoot photos. That’s what makes my pictures look different and real,” he told.

While speaking, he also stated that he does “food stuff business” — which includes, trades in Californian Almonds and Malaysian Palm Oil.

His Instagram feed has attracted thousands of people across the world. Each picture depicts a different story; exquisitely encapsulating the essence of the surroundings.

Almost five thousand people are following him on Instagram and here is a taste of his absolute genius.

Here are some of the snaps he has taken in Pakistan:



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